Woman Leaves Happy Home To Become ISIS Bride, Her Baby Pays The Price

After escaping the horror at a terrorist stronghold, ISIS bride Shamima Begum found safety at a refugee camp in Syria. However, her three-week-old baby needed special care, which was not available in the makeshift camp. After the baby started “turning blue,” it succumbed to the lung infection, leaving Shamima in a state of torture she did not know was possible.

Although Shamina took baby Jerah to a hospital when he started having trouble breathing, it was too little too late to save the tiny boy. Because Shamima is a schoolgirl herself, who fled the ISIS fighters, she is dealing with a lot for such a young woman.

A paramedic working at the Kurdish Red Crescent told the BBC that the baby of the ISIS bride died after suffering breathing complications from an infection to his lung. The baby, Jerah, who was only three-weeks-old when he died, had been taken to a doctor before he was transported to a hospital. But it was just not enough. He died at about 1:30 pm local time the same day.

One of Shamima’s friends said that Jerah “turned blue and was cold” before he died. He was believed to be just 18 days old when he succumbed to the lung infection.

The blame for the baby’s death was put on Home Secretary Sajid Javid by Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

She tweeted, “It is against international law to make someone stateless, and now an innocent child has died as a result of a British woman being stripped of her citizenship. This is callous and inhumane.”

The family’s lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee (pictured), has also gotten involved, tweeting about “strong but as yet unconfirmed reports” that the tiny baby had died but added that “he was a British citizen.”

Various reports are being generated, which is further causing a divide.

The spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mustafa Bali said that the baby boy was “alive and healthy” and that the story about his death was nothing but “fake news.”

However, Bali later deleted his tweet when the baby’s death was confirmed by insiders at the Roj camp.

Shamima was just nineteen when she gave birth to Jerah inside the refugee camp and fifteen when she abandoned her life in Britain for ISIS. She had already lost two children to malnutrition and illness. They also suffered from breathing problems, which could indicate that something is going around the refugee camp.

The issue comes to a head because Shamima left Britain to join ISIS in jihad. Now she wants to return to Britain because ISIS has fallen apart. During an interview with the Mail last month, she said: “This boy is all I have.”

Now he has passed on, leaving her childless and without any hope for the future.

Javid stripped her of her British citizenship after she showed no remorse for leaving the country to join ISIS. He told the BBC:

“Obviously I don’t know whether that news is true or not, but what I will say, sadly, there are probably many children, obviously perfectly innocent, who have been born in this war zone. I have nothing but sympathy for the children that have been dragged into this. This is a reminder of why it is so, so dangerous for anyone to be in this war zone.”

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image