BLM Co-Founder Faces Backlash Over How Much She Spent On New LA Home

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Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter cofounder and self-described “trained Marxist,” has sparked controversy after purchasing a $1.4 million home in a mostly white Los Angeles neighborhood. According to reports, Cullors’ new home is a three bedroom, three bathroom property in Topanga Canyon, complete with a separate guest house and massive backyard.

According to the real estate listing, the house has a “vast great room with vaulted and beamed ceilings,” and the massive backyard is “ideal for entertaining or quietly contemplating cross-canyon vistas framed by mature trees.”

According to AP, Black Lives Matter received $90 million in donations last year. It is unclear if Cullors’ home was paid for by the organization, since its finances are opaque.

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In Cullors’ new neighborhood, 88 percent of the residents are white while only 1.8 percent are black, a census report states. While the home is only 20 miles away from her childhood home in Van Nuys, the conditions are marginally different.

Following the reports of her purchase, some critics have argued that living in a million-dollar home is at odds with her social justice mission.

Vallejo for Social Justice, a movement self-described as “Abolition + Socialist collective in the struggle for liberation, self-determination, & poor, working class solidarity,” called Cullors’ new home an ill-judged flaunting of wealth.

“We're talking generational wealth off of the deaths & struggle of Black folks here,” the organization tweeted. “Justice Teams Network & BLM founder paid $1.4 million dollars for a home. This past week we bought a cot for our unhoused Black elder friend to keep him off the ground.”

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One LGBTQ activist called BLM “a racket.”

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock tweeted: “She had a lot of options on where to live. She chose one of the whitest places in California. She'll have her pick of white cops and white people to complain about. That's a choice, bro.”

Author and activist Andy Ngo wrote: “Cullors identifies as a communist & advocates for the abolishment of capitalism.”

British YouTube host Paul Joseph Watson stated that Cullors chose to reside in “one of the whitest areas of California.”

One Twitter user called Cullors a “fraud” and highlighted that her brand of “Marxism” apparently included purchasing a $1.4 million home. 

Photo Credit: The Rubin Report

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson told his viewers that Twitter was taking down reference to the property, noting that Whitlock had tweeted a link to the original story, which appeared on The Dirt, a celebrity property blog.

“He posted this on Twitter. Just made the obvious point. What? What happened? His account has been locked by Twitter,” Carlson said. “This was a news story on real estate blog. He posted it. Lots of other people posted it. But when Jason Whitlock, who is an extremely effective voice for reason, who speaks clearly and honestly and is, therefore, a threat. They shut him down. Amazing, on many levels.”

Sources: Daily Mail