Police Chief Defends Department After Facing Backlash Over ‘Offensive' Tweet

Photo Credit: Facebook/West Seneca Police Department, WGRZ-TV

West Seneca police chief defended the department’s Saturday tweet, a chicken and waffles joke that didn’t go over so well with some social media users.

Wegmans grocery store on Orchard Park Road had sent dinner to officers at the West Seneca Police Department on February 20, and the department used the tweet to thank the store for the treat.

The post read: “We’d like to thank @Wegmans Orchard Park Rd for donating this huge meal of fried chicken and waffles and they even dropped it off to the station so we didn’t have to run into all of our ex-arrests in there on a Saturday afternoon.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/West Seneca Police Department

The “offensive” post was met with outrage, so the department took down the tweet.

On Monday, Chief Daniel Denz confirmed that the tweet had been written by his department, saying: “Yes it was, and we immediately took it down when we discovered the intent of the post was being misinterpreted by some of the readers, and through this misunderstanding, they found it offensive.”

Photo Credit: WGRZ-TV

“We actively engage in social media platforms and our posts have seen widespread approval by mixing serious content with a measure of lightheartedness. In this case we apparently missed the mark with some of our followers and we took immediate steps to remove the post,” he continued. “Going forward, we will vet our posts more stringently so that the opportunity for such misunderstandings are lessened in the future.”

Denz told WGRZ that the person behind “offensive” tweet was not facing any disciplinary action, as there was “absolutely no intent to offend anyone or misrepresent the Department.”

Photo Credit: WGRZ-TV

He stated that he would consult the department’s social media policy to check if there were any changes that needed to be made.

“We constantly review all of our policies in order to improve our service. As far as this particular matter, we will be conducting a review of our social media policy and make adjustments where we deem necessary,” he said.