Mom Claims Her 3 Sons Were Kicked Out Of School Over Her 'Raunchy' Online Career

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44-year-old Crystal Jackson, an OnlyFans model who goes by the name Tiffany Pointdexter on the site, slammed parents in her community after her three sons were kicked out of Catholic school following complaints from mothers after they discovered her account.

She stated that she and her husband Chris were given a notice that their kids, aged eight, 10 and 12, were not welcome at Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School. 

She said: “We are incredibly shocked, upset, and unsettled. We received an email at 8pm [on Sunday, February 21] saying our kids were no longer welcome at the school and they should not return from Monday.”

The email sent by principal Theresa Sparks, read: “Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students. We, therefore, require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

Photo Credit: KCRA News

Crystal talked about breaking the news to the kids: “We sat the kids down and said, ‘Hey we can't go back to school.’ 'They were very confused and shocked – we told them it was us the school didn't want there, not them. We said it's nothing to do with you at all, they just don't like mom's online modeling – but they don't really know what that is.”

“They were very upset and cried over losing their friends. We were close to tears ourselves but you have to keep it together for them. Our youngest didn't understand why he couldn't continue to go to school – we had to explain that we are all not allowed back, which was heartbreaking,” she continued. “Our children still have work in their desks and homework they needed to hand in – it's just awful. It is not the children's fault – what we do has nothing to do with them. Do you punish kids for the sins of their parents? If a parent commits a crime does their child get kicked out of school? No, they don't. We haven't even committed a crime!”

Photo Credit: KCRA News

“It is so unfair to our children – our kids are really good kids, the teachers say they are. And we volunteer at least 100 hours at that school every year, a lot of the teachers really like us, we got on really well with them,” she said. “It's disturbing in the sense that we have always supported the school and gone above and beyond for them – we've gone from best friends to ‘blood enemies.’”

The parents slammed the school for not giving them any notice, maintaining that they should have gotten at least a week to allow their children to say their goodbyes and complete any outstanding work. 

Chris stated: “It was a very strategic move from them. They should have given us at least a week to break the news to our kids and let them collect their things and say goodbye. The school's decision has just ripped the kids up from their roots and given them no time to adjust. They could have told us to stay away, have someone else come to collect the kids from school until the end of the year and then we leave.”

The parents now have only a few schooling options remaining, as they believe that other Catholic-run institutions would reject them because of the widespread scandal. 

Photo Credit: KCRA News

“I'm not sure that any catholic school in the area will have us now, they've made sure every school knows about us. We are looking into homeschooling and potential public schools – that's how far we've gotten with the notice they gave us,” Chris said.

Despite the turn of events, they said that they were “somewhat relieved” they have made a break from the school and the judgmental parents.  

“Aside from being so upset, we are somewhat relieved we never have to go back. For us, the school was a toxic environment, plus there's nothing more they can do to us now,” Crystal said.

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