Restaurant Removes 'Offensive' Menu Item After Sparking Outrage

Photo Credit: CBS Philly

A Roxborough restaurant in Philadelphia has sparked outrage following a menu item considered racially insensitive towards Asian Americans.

According to CBS 3, Lennie’s Hoagies has sparked complaints for calling its homemade macaroni and cheese dish “COVID Mac.” The name was supposedly chosen because the dish is topped with Chinese chili garlic sauce. 

While the restaurant reportedly removed the dish from its menu following intense backlash, the restaurant has not yet addressed the issue publicly.

Photo Credit: CBS Philly

Jerry Won, CEO of Just Like Media, stated that he called the restaurant to complain about the dish. 

"I said I don’t really have a problem that you’re using [Chinese chili] but the fact that you’re calling it COVID Mac, I think it perpetuates a lot of the unfortunate racism that’s been going on,” he said, according to the CBS 3 report. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/nydiahan

However, whoever answered the call did not receive Won’s complaint well.

“She said, ‘We’ve dropped the name so what’s the big deal?’ I said the big deal is that it’s already been done and the news is out there, so would you guys like to apologize for what you’ve done because it’s hurting our community right now and our community is hurt, and she refused,” Won stated. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/nydiahan

Earlier in the month, an Oregon bar sparked similar backlash after advertising “China virus” hours on its marquee, NextShark reported.

The Asian American community has been subjected to numerous COVID-related prejudice and bigotry incidents in recent months, including public insults and violent attacks resulting in injury and death.

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