Restaurant Upsets Customers Over 'Politically Correct' Sign, Put Up Bigger One In Response

Photo Credit: Twitter/La Carreta Mexican Grill

A Mexican restaurant in Iowa was recently under fire from their customer for a yard sign they displayed outside the eatery.

The said sign encouraged social justice and equality; however, some customers did not find it pleasing and expressed their discontent in a letter to the owner of the establishment, Alfonso Medina. 

Still, after reading the letters – Medina refused to take the sign down and placed a bigger one embedded with just four words that unintentionally starred a movement in support of tacos, politics and love.

The restaurant known as La Carreta Mexican Grill has been operating in Iowa for more than 20 years. In August, the eatery placed a black poster with a rainbow letter in front of the restaurant parking lot in support of the Black Lives Matters movement.

Photo Credit: Twitter/La Carreta Mexican Grill

"We Believe Black lives matter. No human is illegal. Science is real, Women's rights are human rights,” among others.

About the sign, Medina said that;

"I didn't think there was anything bad," after admitting that his wife called him "brave" after displaying the sign in front of the business.

Shortly after he placed the sign, he received several letters criticizing this move. However, one of the letters caught his attention. The message had no return signature or address.

In the letter, the sender addressed him by his name and blamed him for being political and also called him "a leftist Marxist."

Photo Credit: Twitter/La Carreta Mexican Grill

The writer also added they were disappointed in the sign as it disrespected and insulted Christianity and America.

Medina added on Facebook in a recent post that he was neither afraid nor upset and that he stood by the sign and letters he received only pushed him to keep going.

In the post which he sent in Spanish;

"Si ladran es porque vamos avanzando,"


"If they bark, it signifies we are advancing."

Photo Credit: Twitter/La Carreta Mexican Grill

Recently, on Instagram, Medina wrote: "We're sorry your burrito had to get political, but it was the only way y'all would listen." And also added four words that caught the attention of fans.

"No Love, No Tacos."

Some fans expressed appreciation for the words which the establishment soon adopted as a new slogan. In no time, fans started to request the slogan on T-shirts.

With a welcoming attitude from the customers, Medina decided to copyright the slogan and began selling T-shirts and other branded merchandise.

That’s not all; Medina also decided to use the new slogan to inspire people to vote in the upcoming election.

Sources: CNN