Texas Restaurant Faces Backlash Over 'Offensive' Marketing Campaign

Photo Credit: Twitter/NYC EMS Watch, Twitter/News 4 San Antonio

An El Paso restaurant, Ojos Locos, has been slammed for its “sexy first responders” Facebook marketing campaign. The campaign is part of its series of dress-up themes for the staff.

However, many are calling the campaign insensitive.

The restaurant put up a flyer showing women in tight first responder costumes, with the event titled “First Responders – Sexy Edition.” Staff members are expected to dress as sexy first responders until Nov. 22.

However, some feel like it is a mockery of first responders, who are on the frontline in the middle of a pandemic.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Divine Ubermensch

Respiratory Therapist, Misty Huffman, and many other first responders find the campaign offensive.

Huffman said: “To even promote it as like a sexy type thing--nothing about this is sexy. We’re [frontline workers] out there sweating in three layers of PPE and dying of heatstroke with our masks on, trying to take care of people.”

The restaurant launched the campaign on Facebook on November 1, and the event description read, “Who needs rescuing from our First Responders naughty edition chicas?”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Divine Ubermensch

“We know that this is not a good idea. And if everybody in the staff gets sick, who the heck is going to take care of the patients?” Huffman asked.

The campaign has been labeled insensitive, tasteless, and gross, especially since the City of El Paso has been repeatedly asking people to stay at home when they can as coronavirus continues to spread.

“It’s not something any frontline worker I know is going to participate in,” Huffman added.

Photo Credit: Twitter/NYC EMS Watch

Ojos Locos is not doing anything illegal as the restaurant is allowed for dine-in customers, according to the latest court ruling.

The restaurant declined to speak to KFOX14 about its decision, but a manager maintained that this was not different from the other dress up themes they usually have.

Sources: KFOX14