Man Tries To Excuse His Actions After Urinating On 9-Year-Old's Memorial Who Died Of Cancer

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia

Christian Clopp was nine years old in 2012 when he died of an inoperable brain tumor.

His father, Mark Clopp, said: “Throughout all of it, all he did was smile at people. He was the happiest kid and never complained a day in his life.”

The town committee, in 2014, named the park at 129 Old Egg Harbor Rd. in Mays Landing, in Christian’s honor.

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia

However, a video surfaced on Sunday showing 23-year-old Bryan Bellace urinating on Christian’s memorial.

On Monday, Mark agreed to a meeting with Bryan, who desecrated his son’s memorial.

“I really don’t remember doing it, I just remember waking up to the video,” Bryan stated.

He told Eyewitness News that he had had a long day of drinking which led up to the incident.

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia

“I’m very deeply sorry about what I’ve done and if I could take it all back and do it all over again, I would,” he added.

Mark Clopp stated that he’s choosing to forgive Bryan.

“Being angry is never going to heal anyone, it’s never going to fix it. The most intelligent thing to do is to put it behind us. Let’s move on and turn it into something positive,” he said.

Bryan stated that he was going to seek help for his problem with alcoholism and is planning to make changes to his life to make things better moving forward.

Photo Credit: 6abc Philadelphia

23-year-old Daniel Flippen was arrested and charged with lewdness for recording the video of the incident.

Mark stated that he believes Christian would have wanted forgiveness, and is raising funds to help beautify the park.

Sources: CBS Philly