Student Gets In-School Suspension Over Dress Code Violation, Calls School 'Homophobic'

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Trevor Wilkinson, a Texas high school student, stated that he received an in-school suspension after he showed up to school wearing nail polish, a violation of a district dress code that only allows girls to wear makeup and paint their nails.

Wilkinson, 17, is openly gay, and revealed the discriminatory policy in a tweet that slammed the Clyde Consolidated Independent School District for the discrimination.

“Imagine your school not allowing boys to paint their nails and giving boys iss for it,” Wilkinson, a student at Clyde High School, wrote. “And the whole administration being okay with it, homophobic and sexist? Welcome to west [T]exas.”

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

The district’s student handbook states that men cannot wear facial makeup or nail polish to school.

Speaking to Abilene Reporter-News, Wilkinson stated that he got a three-day in-school suspension last week after he refused to remove his nail polish.

“I have been doing this to express who I am,” he said. “I’ve been trapped in closed minded people’s minds. So, I did it and I love my nails. I think they’re so cool. I’m definitely using it to express myself and feel everyone should have that freedom of expression.”

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

Clyde Consolidated Independent School District Superintendent Kenny Berry responded to the controversy, and told the newspaper that the district’s dress code is reviewed annually.

“That review process results in the development of a final dress code that is consistently implemented and enforced during the next school year. Parents and students are provided a copy of the dress code prior to the start of each new school year,” Berry said in a statement.

Wilkinson also launched a petition to shed light on the issue.

Photo Credit: Good Morning America

He wrote: “This is unjust and not okay. Help me show that it is okay to express yourself and that the identity that society wants to normalize is not okay.”

“I am a human. I am valid. I should not get in trouble for having my nails done,” he added.

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