Restaurant Changes 'Controversial' Sign After Sparking Outrage

Photo Credit: WKYC Channel 3

Dinner Bell Drive In, an Elyria restaurant located at 6340 Lake Avenue, has been slammed for putting up a “racist sign.” The sign, put up at the front of the business, read: "Black lives don't matter, All lives matter."

Dozens of customers took to social media to complain about the sign, with some even vowing to stop going to the restaurant.

When 3News went to the restaurant on Saturday, they found that the wording on the sign had been changed. Despite the change, there were people protesting in front of the restaurant. 

Photo Credit: WKYC Channel 3

"I'm shocked," Dejonna Williams said. "Elyria is such a diverse place, I grew up in Elyria."

Several employees at the restaurant also quit.

Robert Reynolds, the owners' son, said: "I believe all lives matter, black lives matter; it was taken out of context really. It was and it was an honest mistake...I can't force a person to think a certain way. We live in America, where opinions and free speech [are] available and still allowed, just like they have a right to protest."

Photo Credit: WKYC Channel 3

Some of the comments on Twitter read:

“Deeply disappointed by your signage. Black lives do matter. All lives have to include black lives. Smh. Do better.”

“I don't believe you put that sign out in front of your business. Black lives do matter, so do all lives....might have been a better way to go. You were our favorite little spot during these COVID days but unless you apologize and redo your sign we won't be coming in again.”

“Most small businesses don't commit these kinds of self sabotaging acts lol. That tells me a lot about your judgment. Not very smart. I'm good, I'll take my green elsewhere. Bet that matters!!”

Photo Credit: WKYC Channel 3

“This Dinner Bell situation is another glaring example of blatant racism in the County. The owner has since taking it down but this image and his message will reign clear as day. Don’t throw a stone and then hide your hand. Lorain County it’s time to WAKE UP!”

“Aye dinner bell in Lorain is wild”

Sources: WKYC