Horror Crash Shows Why It's Dangerous To Pass A Truck Before Exiting A Highway

Photo Credit: Keokiracerhalsteren

On August 13, a video surfaced on the internet showing a horrific accident on E40 in Aalter. The video, which quickly went viral on Facebook, showed a car colliding with two different trucks.

The victim, 25-year-old Jasmien Claeys from Kalken, made it out of the wreck, but she will be undergoing a long rehabilitation. 

Photo Credit: Keokiracerhalsteren

"I've been overly lucky," she said. "But seeing those images again, and especially reading those reactions, is very confronting." 

The video was taken by a dashcam of a truck that was driving on the right lane heading towards the coast. As the truck approached the exit in Aalter, a light blue Ford suddenly went from the left lane onto the exit lane. With a truck blocking visibility of the exit lane, Claeys was unable to see that the cars on the exit late were stationary.

Photo Credit: Keokiracerhalsteren

Claeys, driving the Ford, hit the truck at a high speed, and the impact threw her car to the left, where it was hit by the 10-ton truck with the dashcam. The Ford bounced for a while before finally stopping.

To everyone’s surprise, Claeys survived the collision, and her injuries included a shattered hand and two broken top cervical vertebrae. She went into a coma, but has since woken up and is going to make a full recovery.

Photo Credit: Keokiracerhalsteren

She was shocked when she watched the dashcam footage, and surprised at the comments made.

“I've seen the video several times. However, those images should not be released until after the trial,” she says. 

The video was posted on a Polish Facebook page, and has already been shared over 10,000 times.

Sources: Jalopnik