'Disturbing' Georgia License Plate Sparks Controversy

Photo Credit: CBS46 Atlanta

Speaking to CBS46, Georgia native Chris Reed said, “I was really kind of appalled that it was something that was available.”

Reed, who recently bought a used car, said: “When looking for tags to register I was interested in getting one of the specialty tags that benefit a nonprofit organization of sorts.”

As he browsed through the available options, he discovered something that he called both shocking and disturbing.

Photo Credit: CBS46 Atlanta

“The Sons of Confederate Veterans that is in emblazoned with the stars and bars, Confederate battle flag," he said.

He thought it was a mistake, but he was wrong.

“I can’t see any reason why we should get rid of our logo,” Martin O’Toolt, spokesman for the Georgia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said.

Photo Credit: CBS46 Atlanta

He told CBS46 that the nonprofit organization has been offering the plate since 2001, and that $10 of every plate sold is used for the organization’s historical preservation efforts. The state gets the other $25.

Since 2007, he explained, it has added up to just over $1.5 million.

Photo Credit: CBS46 Atlanta

“I can’t imagine that anybody really has an issue or an emotional issue with looking at that. It’s just a pretext for censorship,” O’Toolt said.

However, Reed didn’t think so: “Surely there is another symbol of southern culture and heritage that could be expressed that doesn’t symbolize hatred and oppression to millions of Americans.”

Sources: CBS 46