Firefighter Allegedly Fired For Sharing 'Insensitive' Posts On Facebook

Photo Credit: Live 5 News

On Thursday, a Georgetown County firefighter was fired after sharing a series of racially insensitive and violent posts on social media.

Bob Kosto’s posts were flagged by community members and shared with county officials on Wednesday, according to Jackie Broach, the county spokesperson.

In one post, Kosto had posted a picture of a Ram truck whose front was covered in red paint to mimic blood spatter. The caption read: “Ram ‘Protester Edition.’”

Another post read: “Black Privilege: The ability to break every law in the country and still remain the victim.”

“Many people were very disturbed by what they had seen. I think there were some concerns about whether these kind of posts could indicate some concerns for African-American citizens about whether or not they would receive the same treatment from a firefighter as a white resident would,” Broach said.

Photo Credit: Live 5 News

She stated that Kosto’s posts were in violation of the county’s social media policy. He had worked for the county for four years.

“You are a representative of this agency, and basically, we hold you to the same standards on social media as we would hold you to when interacting in-person out in the community,” Broach said. “Our employees’ job is to serve every member of the community, and members of the community have to be able to trust those people, especially if you’re in a law enforcement or firefighter’s position where lives are at stake.”

Kosto’s profile picture featured the logo of the Three Percenters, a group categorized as an anti-government group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Kosto’s Facebook page is no longer publicly available.

Sources: Live 5 WCSC