Owner Of Corn Dog Stand Faces Calls To Resign Over 'Controversial' Facebook Rant

Photo Credit: Facebook/Pronto Pup, WOOD TV8

Carl Nelson, the owner of Pronto Pups, a popular boardwalk business in Grand Haven, Michigan, accidentally posted a rant on the business’ Facebook page.

In the post, Nelson denounced the Black Lives Matter Movement, expressed his support for the Michigan militia, called for a reduction in police funding, compared journalists to Adolf Hitler, and claimed to have seen a presumed dead – murdered – Muskegon woman years after her death.

A follow up post on the page claimed that Nelson had intended the post for his personal page.

Photo Credit: WOOD TV8

The Facebook page disappeared later on Monday night, and the reappeared with a third post – an apology.

The initial post had 1,200 words, and began with rage aimed at the statewide mandate that people have to wear masks indoors. He expressed the discomfort of working over hot oil in a confined space while wearing a mask, stating that masks weren’t necessary for how his business was structured. However, he maintained that he would keep the business open so his employees could remain employed.

He then criticized the fight against COVID-19, stated that it was “100% political,” and claimed that it was the same as the common cold.

He then blamed the media for “controlling” the narrative around the virus, writing, “Good job HITLER.” He went on a rant against anti-racist movements, and went as far as to claim that there is no such thing as “white privilege” since indigenous Americans killed white settlers.

Photo Credit: WOOD TV8

The post seemed to suggest that he wanted to kill George Soros, stating that Soros funds the Black Lives Matter movement. He stated that the cause has “absolutely nothing to do with racism,” and then added that he would like to paint “White lives matter” on a Grand Haven street.

He seemed to call out for armed resistance against the government officials enacting anti-coronavirus measures.

“I believe it will take fire power. Period,” he wrote. “I am curious of the MIchigan Militias stand on this act of Treason that Michigans governor is putting us through. Maybe I run for president of the militia......”

The end of the post featured Nelson’s rant against what he described as mismanagement of police funds and Ottawa County’s slow 911 system. He then claimed that Jessica Heeringa, who disappeared from a Norton Shores gas station in 2013 - later presumed killed - had visited Pronto Pups on a night that the man convicted of her murder was on trial.

He seemed to place the blame on 911 dispatchers for not helping him apprehend her.

Photo Credit: WOOD TV8

After the post was shared widely, an apology appeared on the page.

“There was a post meant for the owner’s personal account that was accidentally posted to this page tonight,” the post read. “We have removed it, as it was not intended to be a Pronto Pup post. This post was in no way representative of Pronto Pup as a business or our staff members. We are not sure how to make this right at the moment but we will try to figure it out. We are truly sorry for any hurt of offense this has caused.”

After the page was deactivated and then reactivated, the new post read: “As the deterioration of our nation and freedoms as we have enjoyed over the decades begin to dwindle away,... I snapped. My sincere apologies to anyone that may have seen the post.”