Influencer Sparks Controversy For Marrying Her 20-Year-Old Stepson After Divorcing His Dad

35-year-old Marina Balmasheva, a Russian influencer planning to marry her 20-year-old former stepson, posted a throwback photo of herself with him – he was 7 at the time the picture was taken. The before-and-after Instagram post caused a storm, with many people slamming her for partaking in the relationship.

Balmasheva, who lives in Krasnodar Krai, was married to 45-year-old Alexey for over 10 years before they got divorced.

She is now planning to marry her ex-husband's 20-year-old son, Vladimir.

The controversial Instagram post shows Balmasheva posing next to little Vladimir when he was seven-years-old, and next to it a recent picture of the happy couple.

She captioned the post: “You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile. I know that some will judge us, others will support us, but we are happy and wish you to be as well.”

She maintained that she is very much in love with him, and that they are helping to raise three of Vladimir’s six siblings. She adopted Alexey’s five children while they were married, but the last born, who has Down syndrome, lives with Alexey.

She stated that she wanted to have kids with Vladimir, and that they are currently planning their wedding.

She was slammed in the comments, with many stating that it was immoral for her to enter a relationship with the child she basically raised.

One person commented: “What shocks me most is that this boy grew up before her very eyes.”

Others slammed her for ditching an older man and getting a younger model.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Instagram/Marina Balmasheva