California Restaurant Sparks Controversy Over 'Offensive' Sign About Coronavirus

The original Full O Bull Subs and Pizza shop in Clovis decided to apologize or the actions of another restaurant bearing the same names, and denounced the restaurant’s actions.

The Full O Bull in Fresno had put up signs reading: “As required by the morons that run our city we are posting this sign to remind you that due to the media driven panic of Covid-19 you are required to stay 6 feet away from each other. Please stay on the red X or don’t, we don’t care but you have been warned about the Kung-Flu!”

The sign had a picture of Homer Simpson, a cartoon character, making an awkward sign with his hands.

Full O Bull Clovis responded to complaints about the sign in Fresno by posting a statement on Facebook:

“I cannot express how sorry we are that the full of bull subs and pizza on first street in Fresno has disrespected so many of you. We are in NO way connected to them. We are the original and they just bought this shop from bill who owned it many years. We are so irritated at the ignorant comments and sign that they have posted. They are not fit to carry our name. We here at Full o Bull cherish every customer, no matter what! We do not believe their sign is appropriate what so ever. As the manager of Full o Bull here in old Town Clovis I am truly sorry for what they have done. I will be calling that owner and let him know that this is not okay. We are NOT connected to them and they are giving us such a bad name. Here's what they posted. It is racist and just pure ignorant. We have called the owner and they are not getting back to us, employees are laughing like it's a joke. This is not a joke, and we here at the Full o Bull in old Town Clovis do not condone to these ideas of being funny or joking around. This is NOT okay!”

Sources: ABC 30 / Photo Credit: ABC 30, Facebook/Full O Bull Clovis