'Historical Artifact' Displayed In Social Studies Class Sparks Backlash

While teaching a class about the Civil War, a South Carolina teacher put up a Confederate flag and a 34-star American flag as part of the eighth-grade social studies lesson at Sandhills Middle School.

When Joanna Ziegler’s daughter expressed concern about the Confederate flag, Ziegler was outraged.

She told WLTX, “I can’t believe in this day and age that a teacher would do that. My first and main concern is that my daughter went to the teacher and she expressed how she felt and how it was making her feel, three consecutive days. My concern was his response, telling her he’s sorry she feels that way but this is a part of history.”

Ziegler took to social media on Tuesday night to share her concerns, and this prompted an investigation by the school district.

The Lexington School District issued a statement saying: “Including the use of historical artifacts within units of study is a common practice in the classroom and can enrich students’ learning experiences; however, it is imperative that we as educators are always mindful of the diverse views of our students, parents, and community members. Our school system understands the importance of providing a respectful learning environment for all students and works daily to ensure we meet this obligation. To that end, the District maintains an open door policy to address individual concerns and welcomes the opportunity to do so at any time.”

The flags were then taken down.

Sources: KIRO 7 / Photo Credit: News 19 WLTX