Video Of Cop 'Violently' Arresting 17-Year-Old Student Sparks Controversy

Some community members are calling for the removal of an officer after footage surfaced showing the La Mesa officer slamming a student to the ground. The high school student was in handcuffs at the time.

The 30-second video was taken at Helix Charter High School, and was later shared on social media. The footage drew outrage from other students, parents, and community members, and a protest was planned for the Monday after the incident occurred.

According to a statement issued by La Mesa Police Chief Walt Vasquez, officers responded to the school after a 17-year-old student refused to leave the campus after she was suspended.

According to the statement, a school resource officer asked the girl to leave voluntarily, but when refused to cooperate, she was handcuffed and the officer walked her to the school’s office.

Sources: KTLA 5 / Photo Credit: ABC 10 News