WW2 Veteran Reunites With Long-Lost Wartime Lover After 75 Years

Kara Troy Robbins was based in France in 1944 when he met and fell in love with Jeannine Pierson, who was 18 at the time.

Robbins, who was serving in the U.S. Army, eventually had to move back home, and the lovers lost contact.

Speaking to Eurovision, Pierson said, "When he left in the truck, I cried, of course, I was very sad. I wish after the war he hadn't returned to America."

Robbins got married to someone else, but kept a picture of Pierson through the years. When he returned to France for a D-Day celebration, he enlisted the help of French journalists in a bid to find his long lost love.

The journalists tracked down Pierson and organized a meeting between the two. The emotional reunion was filled with kisses.

The two, bot widowed, spent a couple of hours together before Robbins had to leave.

They cried as they parted ways.

Sources: Inside Edition / Photo Credit: Inside Edition