Construction Crews Renovating School Find 'Haunting' Chalkboard Drawings From Early 1900s

In 2015 and 2016, construction crews were called out to Emerson North High School for what seemed like a normal job. When they got to work, they found themselves uncovering another lifetime.

The school was established in 1911, and has seen thousands of students go through its doors. When the construction crews began their renovation, they uncovered blackboards featuring well-preserved writings from 1917.

The school’s principal at the time, Sherry Kishore, fell in love with the historic pieces. The boards featured interesting lessons including a multiplication wheel, music lessons, and civic lessons.

There were also directives for keeping clean, as well as a number of words written in cursive, including “choke” and “blunder.”

In another renovation project, workers uncovered more sentences in cursive, a detailed drawing of Oklahoma’s Indian territory, flowers in different shades of yellow and green, as well as a number of shapes explaining perspective.

Jack L. Reed, M.Ed., who took over from Ms. Kishore, said, “A few [of them] are exposed with an acrylic glass protecting them. Others have a sheet of plywood covering them until funding can be received to purchase and install the acrylic glass to expose them. These boards have a significance to the school that the teachers and students could not have realized back in 1917. They have survived the test of time and now represent the school in a way that no person could have imagined.”

Sources: The Washington Post / Photo Credit: NBC News