Pizza Hut Employee Shames Mother's 'Inappropriate Behavior', Asks Her To Leave

22-year-old Paige Martin told 13abc that she was publicly shamed for nursing her 3-month-old son at a restaurant.

"I felt humiliated, absolutely disappointed and humiliated," she said.

Martin had gone to Pizza Hut in Wauseon with her family when her son became fussy. To calm him down, she began breastfeeding him.

"The shirt covered me the best I could be covered. I was sitting there nursing him and I got approached by a member of staff who asked me to cover up with a blanket. I told her I don't have to. It's my right that I don't have too. My son will not eat with a blanket over his head," she said.

She stated that the employee then told her that there was a more private booth she could move to.

She said, "I told her No. This is my right. I don't have to move it's my right. Then she said well I'm going to have to ask you to leave then. So I calmly got up, put my son in his car seat and left."

Martin was outraged, so she took to Facebook to tell her story. She sent an email to Pizza Hut’s corporate office to complain, and got a response.

"He called me back and he did apologize on that stores behalf and on the behalf of that employee," she said.

However, Pizza Hut maintained that Martin was not asked to leave. The company sent a statement to 13abc:

"Pizza Hut fully supports state law regarding a mother's right to breastfeed in our restaurants and has demonstrated that respectful standard to many mothers at this franchise location. While this customer was not asked to leave the restaurant, but rather offered another table with greater privacy, we deeply apologize that this situation in anyway upset her or if she felt mistreated. We will take this as an opportunity to further train our employees regarding these situations."

Martin said, "It just drew a lot of attention to me and it made me feel like I was doing something wrong which I don't think I was."

She stated that she understood that not everyone was comfortable with seeing nursing mothers, but she feels that people should be more compassionate.

"Breastfeeding is a constant emotional uphill battle. You are your child's bottle. That's a lot to ask because babies do nurse a lot. I think people need to be a little bit more compassionate about that and if you don't like what you're seeing, you're more than welcome to look away," she said.

Martin stated that she would like an apology from the employee who shamed her.

Sources: ABC 13 / Photo Credit: Google, Facebook/Paige Martin