Mom Allegedly Called To School Because Of Her Daughter's 'Inappropriate' Outfit

Amanda Barbier’s daughter, Katie, has always been her mother’s pride and joy. A student at JB Pennington High School in Blountsville, Alabama, Katie makes good grades and enjoys school. She has never been in trouble in school.

One morning, Amanda sent her daughter to school in an outfit they both picked out. Later on, she received a call from the school asking her to bring a new outfit for her daughter. They claimed that Katie was wearing an “inappropriate” outfit.

She posted on Facebook, “I just had to go to my daughter’s high school. They said her clothes [were] not school appropriate.” She then proceeded to upload multiple pictures showing Katie in the “inappropriate” outfit. Katie had on a pair of black leggings, a long flowing top, an oversized sweater, and knee-high boots.

The comments kept pouring in, with one student, Stephanie, sharing the incident. According to the comment, Stephanie was sent to the counselor’s office with Katie. She stated that a teacher felt that her jeans were too tight, and she was made to change them. However, Stephanie explained that the counselor found nothing wrong with Katie’s outfit, and chose to send her to the principal’s office instead.

Amanda wrote, “The counselor did not see anything wrong with the way she was dressed. So, she sent her to the assistant principal.” However, the principal maintained that the shirt Katie had on was too short, and opted to call Amanda. When she arrived at the school, she demanded an explanation about the dress code violation, challenging the principal’s stance.

Amanda explained that the school dress code states that leggings are acceptable school wear only if the accompanying top is no more than “four inches above the knee.”

She stated, “We measured it before we bought it. This is a kid that never misses school and makes great grades!”

When she asked the administrators to measure Katie’s top to determine if it violated the dress code, “They both REFUSED!” Amanda wrote, “No one EVER measured her to see if it was too short. Even though we did! So basically he lied to me!”

Amanda became even more infuriated when they explained their stance. She wrote, “They said it’s not school appropriate when she is WALKING! I’ve never heard that before.”

She continued, “I also asked the assistant principal to apologize to my daughter for upsetting her, but he refused again! He said he wasn’t apologizing for doing his job!”

Amanda maintains that the administrators were trying to save face by refusing to accept that they were wrong. She maintains that Katie’s outfit was appropriate, and that it could have been proven had they bothered to measure the top.