Family Puts Up 'Vulgar' Home For Sale Sign After Getting Into Dispute With Neighbor

One Texas family has decided to publicly resist against their “bad” neighbor.

James and Lisa Price finally came to their wits end and decided to publicly humiliate their less-than-friendly neighbor. The couple put up two “for sale” signs that included vulgar language.

The signs are outside their home in Farmers Branch, Texas, and they blame the neighbor for pushing them to take such extreme measures.

The feud started six months prior when the Price’s adjacent neighbor raised his concerns about the barking dogs. The complaints were received, and the Price’s began getting more aggravated the more the neighbor raised his concern.

The neighbor in question has been living at the residence for a couple of years, as a tenant.

The seemingly harmless disagreement took an ugly turn after the Prices were handed a $120 citation for barking dogs. They agreed that the dogs did bark, but they also stated that they were working to reducing the noise by keeping them inside more frequently.

According to Lisa, the neighbor put up surveillance cameras outside his home, and one was facing their backyard, and the second one was pointed straight into their master bedroom.

James Price told ABC News; “The biggest thing is that ticket because there’s no reason to do that. You do not call the police on your neighbor for something like that.”

When reached for comment, the neighbor was not available, and has not responded to the message that was left on his voicemail.

Lisa stated that five police officers and a city councilman had been at their house, and requested them to remove the signs, which mention a feminine hygiene product.

Farmers Branch Police Department confirmed that officers had indeed been to the Price home about the signs, but they did not reveal whether the officers talked with the Price family or the neighbor.

“The whole thing is just ridiculous. We put the sign up maybe hoping he’d back off but we just would like to live peacefully. [The neighbor] is causing us to not be able to live comfortably,” Lisa said.

Toby Bryson, the Farmers Branch city spokesman, stated, “Our sign ordinance has very little language about private property, so when it comes down to something like this, it is a first amendment right.”

James Price stated, “I don’t care who you are, that sign is funny.”

Sources: ABC News / Photo Credit: ABC News