Teen Gets Kicked Out Of Prom For 'Failing To Follow Dress Code'

Aniya Wolf, a high school student who previously went viral because she was kicked out from her own school’s prom for wearing a suit instead of a dress, now happily attends prom from a different school, wearing the outfit of her choice.

It can be remembered that Aniya Wolf went to her school dance at Bishop McDevitt High School, a Catholic school in Harrisburg, wearing a suit (including a matching boutonniere) earlier this month, but was forced to leave right after reaching the entryway to the prom.

It even went to a point where a school official threatened to call the cops because of her suit.

But all seems to be going well for Wolf, after she and her date got a brand new prom invite from the principal of William Penn Senior High School in York, and being told that:  'We do embrace all.'

The two high school girls arrived on Saturday, where Wolf wore her navy-blue suit and matching bowtie, and her date wore a glamorous shimmer aqua blue gown with a strapless top.

According to Wolf’s interview from ABC 27, right after being thrown away from her first prom, Wolf now exclusively wears pants and shirts Bishop McDevitt High School for three years now.

“I've just always been like this, ever since I was little,' she told the network. 'I was always more masculine. You wouldn't catch me playing with any Barbie dolls, I'll tell you that right now.”

The school allegedly informed the students of the prom’s dress code three months before the dance on the 6th of May, but the code did not explicitly say anything about wearing suits.

Wolf shares that she is a 'practicing Catholic' who 'lives out God's teachings' and ‘loves her teachers.’

'I'm sorry for all those who feel like they have been victims of hatred throughout this incident but the truth needs to be heard.'

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Bambus