Airport Forced To Apologize To Elizabeth Warren After She Was Welcomed By Hecklers

Nevada airstrip Reno-Tahoe International Airport apologized and pledged to be "better prepared" in the future after Republican protesters heckled and followed Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The protesters closely followed Warren as she and her aides carried their luggage towards the exit of the terminal out to a car. The group continued to ridicule the senator, and one member repeatedly yelled President Donald Trump’s insulting “Pocahontas” nickname at Warren until a security guard shouted at them to back up.

Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, Michael McDonald, posted a video of the scene on Twitter with the caption, “Welcome to Reno, @ewarren.”

The Nevada airport said the whole scene was against what the airport stands for that Warren like any other tourist "deserved respect and Nevada hospitality."

The Massachusetts representative and Democratic presidential nominee traveled into the Reno airport ahead of campaign events. Upon Warren's arrival, a small group of protesters was waving signs supporting Trump yelled "Don't impeach" and "Go home!" at Warren, forcing her to reevaluate her calls for the president's impeachment.

Shortly after the event, the Reno airport issued a statement of apology to Warren about the protest, which has violated their policies.

Airport officials posted on Twitter saying, "Airport Police weren't given prior notice of the arrival. Protesters didn't follow the permit process & the airport's attorney will be investigating the incident."

The Reno airport mentioned a 2016 policy assigning distinct “free speech areas outside the terminal” for protesters and picketers. These specified areas are “intended to literally keep politics outside the airport.”

The airport stated that the protesters did not apply for a permit required for their protest. Airport officials said, “Unfortunately, permits, policies, and good faith don’t play well on social media. But chasing a woman through an airport does. Airport police, security, and operations personnel will increase their vigilance in the coming weeks to be better prepared for the intense political season ahead.”

Sources: Boston / Photo Credit: The Liberty Eagle