Restaurant Puts Up This 'Sexist' Help Wanted Sign, Gets Fined $1,000

A New Jersey Restaurant was fined after posting a hiring sign indicating that they are only accepting "males only." The restaurant agreed to pay a $1,000 fine for what they had posted.

The Division on Civil Rights stated in a released statement on Tuesday that the Bloomfield restaurant—Gyro King—would enact a written anti-discrimination policy that covers information about how to file a complaint and also train staff and managers on the state's discrimination laws.

The image of the restaurant sign sparked complaints after it went viral on social media. The sign attracted hundreds of comments on Facebook. In response to the incident, the manager of the restaurant apologized and informed that the sign had been made that way as the work involved heavy lifting.

"We have nothing against ladies. We're not sexist or anything like that. I was in a rush to find somebody fast. We didn't mean nothing in a bad way. To be honest, I didn't really think about it," manager Amir Ahmad said in a statement.

The store owner also responded to the incident in a Facebook video, explaining that he essentially needed a staff member after a male employee unexpectedly left while only giving him 24 hours notice.

He said: "We didn't intend to say something crazy like that. I have a mother, I have a sister, I have a wife, I also have a 2-year-old daughter. So if I would say something like that, that would mean it would be OK for anyone to say the same thing to my family, and hell no."

"I don't believe in stuff like that. The job requirement is really heavy duty and most of the time I get females who say 'I want to work on the cash register.' It came out the wrong way." Amid online complaints, the employment sign was eventually replaced without the "males only" request, he added.

Sources: Newsweek / Photo Credit: DailyUS News