Man Washes His Dog's Bottom In Public Water Fountain, Doesn't Realize He's Being Recorded

A man in Sydney is facing criticism after a video was posted online by Rebecca Laurie, a woman who was enjoying the day out with her family. In her video, the man is seen washing his dog’s bottom at a drinking fountain in Rushcutters Bay Park.

The man picked up his dog and placed its bottom in the fountain. He then lifted the dog’s tail and flicked off the dirt on the bubbler using his own hands.

Laurie found it “completely disgusting” as she, her family, and many other park-goers regularly drink from the water fountain. She stated, “It is completely disgusting, not to mention a health risk, I am sure people who haven’t seen the video are using that bubbler today.”

She and six other people from the park had apparently tried calling out the gentleman, but he blatantly ignored them and continued washing his dog’s bum in the fountain.

“Six or so people including myself told him, he did not care in the slightest and actually made the comment that we don’t drink from the bowl of the bubbler,” Laurie stated.

The man remains unidentified, but Laurie’s video went viral and has sparked outrage from many who frequent the same park.

Social media users commented on the video, calling the act: “infuriating” and “beyond revolting.” A Facebook user stated that she would “never drink from that bubbler again,” while another user commented, “It’s completely disrespectful.”

Pet owners are reminded to bring water bottles or their own cleaning materials to clean their pets at the park, and dog owners can also try throwing a ball in the pond. It is important to remember that the water fountain is intended for park-goers to drink from, and that it is unhygienic to clean pets in it.

Sources: Unilad / Photo Credit: Reality Video