Missing 4-Year-Old Girl Found With Human Traffickers, Mother Arrested Right After They Find Her

A missing North Carolina girl has been found in Texas by authorities after she was allegedly handed over to human traffickers by her own mother.

Four-year-old Aubriana Recinos and her 23-year-old mother, Carmen Lowe, were officially declared missing on July 8th, after their disappearance in May.

Fayetteville police Maj. Robert Ramirez told reporters that the little girl was located at a house in Texas with people “involved in human trafficking activities.”

He added: “The child was pretty much given to a pimp, an associate of a pimp or family of the pimp for keeping. The individuals involved are not cooperating. It is a ring, it’s a human trafficking ring that the FBI was investigating and these individuals have other children as well.”

According to authorities, Lowe was thought to have taken her daughter to New Jersey and Louisiana, and probably Texas—breaking the custody order issued by a Cumberland County judge.

After missing for months, Aubriana was eventually reunited with her father, Mario Recinos, in Texas.

“Going on 53 days, it’s been hard. We didn’t know where she was at,” Recinos told the media during an interview.

“Prayers have been answered completely, beyond answered,” the father added.

Lowe was arrested in New Orleans on August 1st, after an arrest warrant for felony custody order violation was issued against her.

Legal records revealed that Lowe has been charged with theft of goods under $1,000, prostitution, including an out of state warrant.

In an official news release, police said: “The Fayetteville Police Department thanks the FBI and the Lewisville, Texas Police Department for their assistance with this investigation. The Fayetteville Police Department also extends thanks to everyone who shared the endangered missing child information and media outlets.”

Human trafficking in Texas has been a constant problem over the past few years. Nationally, there were 171 new cases, 297 new defendants, and 346 convictions.

Sources: NTD / Photo Credit: CBS 17