He'd Had Enough Of The Bullying So He Decided To Lay Down On The Train Tracks

14-year-old Sam Connor died on Monday afternoon in front of 50 of his classmates after being "bullied online" by trolls who posted offensive comments about him.

Reports revealed that Sam handed over his mobile phone and school bag to his friends — as well as a piece of paper believed to be a suicide note. The scrap paper was said to have included two names, which haven't been revealed, and the password to access his smartphone.

"There were just a couple of names and the code to his phone. He was a smart kid, you know. I think if anything went wrong he's put it in his phone and said, there you go," a relative said in a statement.

The relative added: "He handed the phone over and the password and also a couple of names when he handed it to his friend. It doesn't bear thinking about."

A school source said that Sam may have gotten on the tracks as a prank because he was seen by his colleagues "joking and laughing" a few minutes before the incident.

The source said: "His friends are saying that this was a prank which went horribly, horribly wrong. He was seen laughing and joking with his mates on the platform before what happened."

“His friends who were with him at the time don’t believe that this was the outcome he necessarily wanted or intended to happen. A lot more will come out at the inquest I’m sure," the source added.

Detective Inspector Darren Gough of the British Transport Police said: "First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest sorrow for the family of Sam Connor. On Monday, their lives were shattered by the dreadful news that he had died in truly tragic circumstances.”

"This is an ongoing investigation, however, our initial inquiries suggest that tragically, this may have been a deliberate act. Of course, our investigation is ongoing and we will provide our evidence to HM Coroner as part of an inquest into Sam’s death," he added.

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: News 24/7