Here's The Inconvenient Truth The Media Doesn't Want You To Know About The Dayton Shooter

As police investigations uncover more details about the man responsible for the tragic shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Police Chief Richard Biehl reported that the gunman had an obsession with mass shootings and violence, and had allegedly expressed a desire to commit such an act. Special Agent in Charge, Todd Wickerham, added that the gunman was actively seeking information that promoted violence.

Connor Betts, the man behind the Dayton shooting, opened fire in a famous nightlife district on an early Sunday morning. However, officials still haven’t uncovered what his motive was, unlike the El Paso shooting which was perpetuated by an anti-immigrant extremist.

Former classmates have come forward to report that Betts had always shown a deep interest in violence, as depicted by some of his posts on Twitter. Former classmates also confirmed that Betts was a self-proclaimed “leftist,” which was also apparent on his Twitter profile. Before Twitter officially suspended his account due to constraints from collaboration with law enforcement, Betts claimed that he would happily vote for Elizabeth Warren for president. He also openly supported socialism and retweeted messages supporting Bernie Sanders.

On the day of the shooting, Betts fired 41 shots in less than 30 seconds using his .223-caliber high-capacity rifle that had 100-round drum magazines. He killed eight random bystanders, as well as his sister.

Betts was later shot and killed by patrol officers after his 30-second killing spree, preventing any further casualties. When asked for a statement, the Betts family mentioned that they were devastated and shocked at the loss of both their son and daughter, and were extremely cooperative with law enforcement. However, they asked for a bit of privacy while they mourned for their children.

A number of Betts’ former classmates also mentioned that he had kept a list divided into two columns, one listed the people he wanted to kill, and the other listed the women he wanted to rape. Betts was also a member of a band that played extremely violent and graphic lyrics under a genre called “pornogrind.”

Sources: CNN / Photo Credit: Inside Edition