Girl Goes Missing After Going Shopping, Father Doesn't Even Recognize Her When She's Found

Some villages in Russia are often visited by the local wildlife, including bears and wolves, and their presence can pose a threat to both the locals and the wildlife. In the case of 14-year-old Sonya Chernigova, she became the unfortunate victim after a wild bear mauled her to death.

The young girl had gone to the local shop to buy chocolate and juice when she was attacked by a brown bear. Sonya suffered horrifying face, head, and neck injuries, which ultimately led to her death.

At first, locals thought that a wolf was responsible, but investigators found bear footprints at the scene, right at the center of Yodva village where the girl lived. Huge and deep bites had completely severed Sonya's neck, her hair had been ripped off, and her face was severely disfigured to the point that Sergey Chernigova, her father, almost didn’t recognize her.

When Sonya failed to return home at around 10 pm, Sergey decided to go out and search for her, not expecting the tragedy that was waiting for him. Sonya’s mutilated body was discovered by a group of teenage boys, who hadn’t been able to recognize her due to the extent of the damage caused by the bear.

The boys immediately called the police, and the father was notified. Chernigova said that he didn’t want to believe that it was his daughter, as her disfigured face made it almost impossible to recognize her. However, he was able to identify the jacket she wore, and upon calling her mobile number, the phone rang in her jacket’s pocket.

In recent weeks, wolves and bear sightings have been reported in this village, and the locals have expressed their fear to newspapers. In late May, a bear was spotted prowling the village, but it hasn’t been confirmed if it’s the same beast that killed Sonya.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: GoogleDaily Mail