Jaguar Allegedly Attacks Woman Trying To Take Selfie, Zoo 'Refuses' To Euthanize The Animal

In Litchfield Park, Arizona, a woman was attacked at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park by a jaguar on Saturday evening.

According to the emergency responders, Rural Metro Fire, the woman was attempting to take a selfie on her smartphone near the jaguar enclosure’s fence. The cat then reached out and attacked the woman’s arms.

She was quickly transported to the hospital and fortunately, she had no life-threatening injuries.

Footage of the incident was taken by Adam Wilkerson, who was at the zoo with his mother and two kids. Wilkerson states that he heard the scream and then saw the woman’s hand being grasped by the jaguar’s claws.

He wrote on Reddit, “It seems like pandemonium. Everyone yelling for help.”

His mother then distracted the jaguar by throwing a water bottle, and the jaguar let go of the woman’s hand.

He also added on Reddit, “We’re still in shock from it all.”

Mickey Ollson, the director of Wildlife World Zoo, reported that this was the second time that the female jaguar has taken a swipe at visitors. He stated that the cat, aged between 4 and 5, would not be euthanized as it “was not the animal’s fault and they would never harm an animal based on human behavior.”

“I think you observe the barriers – they are there for a good reason,” Ollson added.

Jeff Allan, another zoo visitor, told ABC15 that he had been a victim of the jaguar in the summer. He had reached over the enclosure’s barrier to take a video, and had to get eight stitches from the incident. He later hired an attorney in the hopes that the zoo would be required to put up stronger barriers between the animals and zoo visitors.

Sources: ABC 15 / Photo Credit: Today