Please Make Sure To Check On Your Parents In Nursing Homes After Seeing These Photos

Julia Wiggins was shocked when she and James Brown son entered at a nursing home to visit James’ mom and found her “face down into a soft pillow gasping for breath and strangling on her own saliva.”

“That’s my momma,” James Brown shouted.

Wiggins, a member of the Christ Centered Ministries of Hope, shared two photos on Facebook describing the incident. She drove James to the Alter Care Noble Pond nursing home in Jackson Township, Ohio, to pay a visit to his mother.

When they arrived, she and Brown were told that his mother, Esther Brown, had been moved to another room. They were then instructed to go to the other side of the facility.

In a statement, Wiggins narrated: “Once getting on the other side we could not find anyone, and I noticed something in the corner of the nurse’s station. After being inquisitive we approached the subject only to find out that it was Mother Esther Brown face down into a soft pillow gasping for breath and strangling on her own saliva, her son began to cry out that’s my momma and we hurried to her and upon hearing her son’s voice she tried with all her might to raise her head!"

She continued: "I was able to capture two pictures to share with you so you would know, never to leave your loved ones in the care of people who are only on the job for a paycheck! We were there banging on doors and yelling for help for about 5 to 10 minutes before someone came to assist. I am very upset that of all nursing facilities, this one was supposed to be the best in all of Stark County!”

“Even after Bible Study last evening I took her son back to Noble Pond’s to stay with his mom, he had buzzed into the facility 5 times and no one answered, only after I called into the facility to notify the nurse that we had been buzzing in 5 times now, she said that the light never came on that someone was at the door, I don’t believe her for one minute, because it was the same nurse who neglected his Mother on Saturday night,” Wiggins added.

Sources: Heavy / Photo Credit: Video Breaking