Elizabeth Warren Wants Your Tax Dollars To Pay For Reparations, But Not For Slavery

On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren re-introduced the Refund Equality Act, a bill that would retroactively give tax refunds to same-sex couples who wed in their states before the Obergefell decision in 2015.

If the act passes, LGBTQ+ couples could amend their past tax returns to receive IRS refunds. According to NBC News, approximately $57 million is owed to countless couples who weren't able to collectively file federal tax returns prior to the Supreme Court's decision.

"The federal government forced legally married same-sex couples in Massachusetts to file as individuals and pay more in taxes for almost a decade. We need to call out that discrimination and to make it right — Congress should pass the Refund Equality Act immediately,” Warren said in a statement.

Senator Warren’s campaign website denounces “handing out giant tax giveaways to rich people.”

On a Twitter post, Warren said: "I’m glad to introduce the Refund Equality Act in the Senate. Our bill ensures legally-married, same-sex couples can claim the tax refunds they earned but were denied before marriage equality was the law of the land."

"America needs to face the things we’ve done wrong and take steps towards making it right," Warren added on another Twitter post.

Warren's new version of the bill was introduced to Congress by Representatives Judy Chu and Andy Levin.

"This bill will correct an older injustice against same-sex couples and put money directly back into the pockets of families who have earned it," Chu mentioned in a statement.

She added: "For too long, discriminatory laws penalized same-sex married couples by denying them the ability to file jointly and claim tax refunds they were entitled because of IRS restrictions, these couples cannot amend their returns to claim reimbursement credits for many prior tax years. The PRIDE Act solves this problem."

Sources: National Review / Photo Credit: Google