Colorado Police Raided A Drug Ring, What They Found Will Shock You

Twenty people were arrested during a join operation conducted by Longmont police, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Investigators were able to seize large quantities of fentanyl, methamphetamine, and prescriptions drugs — as well as 30 firearms, ammunition, and silencers.

Investigators verified that Longmont resident Joshua Ward was the center of a drug trafficking organization in northern Colorado. During the drug raid, local, state, and federal law enforcement officers confiscated 3 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,472 fentanyl pills, 288 opioid pills, 18.7 grams of cocaine, 1.6 pounds of ephedrine, 10 benzodiazepine pills, and 6.7 grams of heroin.

Six of the firearms retrieved were AK-47 style rifles without serial numbers, commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” Suspected members of the drug trafficking organization were indicted on weapons charges, drug trafficking charges, organized crime charges, among others.

In December 2018, the Longmont Department of Public Safety’s Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) started looking for Ward, who was reportedly living in Longmont at the time. The SEU identified other people in the northern Colorado region who were suspected of helping Ward deal large amounts of fentanyl, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.

On Monday, Longmont Department of Public Safety, Larimer County SEU, Longmont SEU, DEA, and ATF partnered to locate and arrest those indicted.

Joshua Ward was suspected to be the leader of the drug distribution activities. Among those charged were: David Childers, Anatascia Rose, Michael Reed, Geraldine Vodicka, Ashley Nail, Brandy Lengenderfer, Brenden Pesick, Chad Lang, Ramon Lubre, Michel Courtney, Danita Bauer, Steven Johnston, David Lopez, Joshua Antony, Amy Brackett, Connie Medina, and Steven Lucero.

Authorities are still anticipating additional arrests as the investigation continues. Officials identified more than 50 possible co-conspirators in drug trafficking, weapon offenses and violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act.

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: Google