Mother Leaves Her Baby On Bed, Moments Later The Child's Life Changes Forever (Video)

On a Facebook post, a mom sent a warning to parents of young children to never leave their child unattended.

First-time mom, Paige Ferguson, was at a friend's house when she decided to put her 6-month-old son, Colton, to sleep on a queen-sized bed that was about two feet off the floor.

Like many parents, Ferguson placed Colton in the center of the bed surrounded by pillows, left the door open a crack, and walked into another room.

Moments later and while with her fiancé, Blake Linton, Ferguson heard a loud thud. Instinctively, the first-time mother thought of her son falling and hitting the floor — and she was right.

“He started to cry immediately. I’ve never seen his dad move that fast, ever. Blake dropped everything and ran into the room to get him,” Ferguson told People magazine. “On the side of his head, there was a bump. Colton is my first baby, so I’m a paranoid first-time mom and I wanted to get him checked out just to be sure.”

So, the couple rushed their child to NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where he underwent a CT scan. Afterward, Colton vomited, and Ferguson knew something was terribly wrong.

"The doctors said he had fractured his skull and there was bleeding on the brain," Ferguson recalled. "The fall made him bleed half his blood volume into his brain and when they did his brain surgery, the loss of that much blood caused cardiac arrest," Ferguson explained.

“They didn’t think he would live at all. I walked into the ICU after his surgery and the doctor came up to me. Her exact words were, ‘Ma’am, I need you to understand that most likely your son is going to die from this,’” she said.

The boy was hospitalized for about a month, undergoing another brain surgery operation and several blood transfusions.

After the month was over, Colton was well enough to go home.

“It was amazing; Colton was a miracle. At all of our follow-up appointments, the doctors have said, ‘I’m not trying to be mean, but your child should be dead. People do not live through the injury he had. He is absolutely a miracle,’” Ferguson stated.

Sources: People / Photo Credit: People