Mom Decides To Sell Her Kids To Have More Time To Date - Here's How Much She Was Charging

Russian mother Rasulzhan Kyzy Barnokhon was arrested for allegedly selling her children. According to the Daily Mail, the 23-year-old mother was caught in the act of trying to sell her week-old baby for £11,500 in the Russian capital, Moscow.

The buyers collaborated with the police to seize Barnokhon during their meet-up at the capital. Barnokhon hailed from the south-western city of Ufa. After receiving the "payment" worth £11,512 for her one-week-old daughter, Barnokhon was arrested.

Authorities informed that this was not the first time that the mother had tried to sell her children. Reportedly, Barnokhon had made her first attempt six months prior — where she tried to sell her older daughter who was just a year old.

Furthermore, Barnokhon, who was already pregnant with her third child, posted on social media saying: "Looking for adoptive parents for a one-year-old girl. Moscow."

Her post was spotted by activists at NGO 'Alternativa' whose main goal is to fight and prevent human trafficking. The group decided to respond to Barnokhon's post and found out that she was planning to sell her child.

Alternativa activist Yulia, who presented herself as a buyer, said: "She said that she met a man online and wanted to date him. But before that, she wanted to sell her children who, according to her, were an 'obstacle for dating men'."

"She was not interested in the fate of her children and told me that after the deal is done, we do not know each other," Yulia added.

Russian Investigative Committee spokeswoman Yulia Ivanova also said: "The criminal case on attempted sale of a minor was initiated against the 23-year-old. The suspect faces up to five years in prison if found guilty."

In addition, the following statements were published on the website of the Russian Investigative Committee:

"The woman [Barnokhon] wanted one million rubles for her newborn child. On March 5, when she was in Moscow, she received the money and handed the baby to a buyer. She also wrote a note confirming that she had received the money for the baby. During police interrogation, the suspect admitted to the crime. There are no threats to the baby's health."

Reports also say that all Rasulzhan Barnokhon's children are from different men, but the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Google