Man Rapes And Impregnates 12-Year-Old Girl, Then Judge Gives Him This Reward (Video)

Sandusky, MI — Sanilac County Judge Gregory Ross rescinded his first controversial ruling which granted a twice-convicted rapist partial custody of a child conceived when he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl back in 2008.

During a brief hearing, Ross revoked his Sept. 22 order that granted 27-year-old Christopher Mirasolo parental rights over an 8-year-old boy.  Michigan Supreme Court spokesman John Nevin informed The Associated Press that the judge was not aware that Mirasolo had two criminal sexual conduct convictions.

In a statement published by the Port Huron Times Herald, County Prosecutor James Young also apologized "for the manner in which this case was handled."

Following the statement, Young added: “The ball was dropped at several stages, and the result was a week of confusion, misinformation, and publicity that cast a shadow over the many good people who work in the social service and legal agencies of our county.”

The case began when the 21-year-old victim and mother sought state assistance for her 8-year-old son. CBS News' Tony Dokoupil spoke with the victim who asked to be referred to as Tiffany.

According to Tiffany, she was 12 years old when Mirasolo forced himself on her in an abandoned house near Detroit, where he held her captive for two days.

"I don't understand why they thought they needed to give him joint legal custody. He was my rapist," Tiffany told Dokoupil.

"I was receiving government assistance and they told me if I did not tell them who the father of my child was, they would take that away from me," she added.

In response to the claims that the judge did not pay enough attention to the case, Ross stated, “It has been suggested that I ‘rubber stamped’ this order. I do not rubber stamp orders. I felt it was routine. I did not ‘rubber stamp’ it."

“I do believe that given the way this consent order was presented, I should have been advised that the defendant raped the plaintiff. Mr. Young advised he is reviewing his procedures. He is doing what he can to correct the mistake and see that it doesn’t happen again.” he added.

Sources: CBS News / Photo Credit: Angel Zones