Missing Father Left To Be With Person He Met Online

A San Antonio father of three who mysteriously vanished on Feb. 5 actually disappeared on purpose.

Lee Arms, 44, was reported missing by his family. His silver Ford Fusion was found abandoned on the highway, its door open and the engine running, KENS reported. All of Arms' personal belongings were inside the vehicle, and his boots were found outside of the car.

When Arms did not show up for his night shift at a UPS facility, his family, friends, and volunteers searched for him, as did Bexar County investigators. A makeshift command center was set up near where his car was found, according to WOAI.

"If somebody knows anything or has any information, please call," Arms' wife Kathy said at the time, according to KENS.

Arms has an 8-year-old daughter and two sons aged 16 and 19.

Family friend Cheryl Lyssy did not believe Arms would just leave his family.

"He was a people person. He was everywhere. He wouldn't have just left that day and not come back. He is somewhere and needs to be found," she said.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office announced Feb. 16 that Arms had been located and that he had left of his own accord.

"Mr. Arms was found safe and unharmed. His disappearance was not the result of an accident but the result of his own decision to leave," the office said.

Dottie Laster, executive director of the Heidi Search Center, was involved in finding Arms. She thinks he should be held financially responsible for the search.

"If you're a taxpayer you may have questions where, he should pay for the expense of the county and to the Heidi Search Center," she said.

When the story of Arms' disappearance went nationwide, Laster was contacted by an out-of-state law enforcement agency. It worked with the local investigator in positively identifying Arms.

Arms was found in Ohio, KTVT reports. He left his family to start a new life with someone he met online.

No charges have been filed against Arms and the missing persons case is closed, according to WOAI. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is currently reviewing Arms' actions.

Sources: KENS, WOAI, KTVT / Photo credit: Daily Mail