Man Caught Walking Girlfriend On Leash (Video)

A man was caught on camera walking his girlfriend through a store on a leash (video below).

In the clip, the person filming seems to be in shock after noticing the man walking his girlfriend around on a leash.

"That's got to be a prank, you know you're going to get videoed in this store," the woman filming says, also calling the incident "humiliating."

The man can be seen wearing a red sports jersey and a white cap, while the woman is dressed in white and is seen with a muzzle over her mouth. The woman continues to film until the couple leaves the store.

"That's some evil, ugly stuff right there. You can rationalize all you want but you would be wrong. Don't care if you don't understand. BTW, oh if the races were reversed in this scenario! It would be covered on all TV channels, front page newspaper articles, riots and celebrities hash tagging their hypocritical fingers off," one Daily Mail reader commented in response to the clip.

"Joke or not police should have been called...where is the security in this store...they should have called police...Too many onlookers doing nothing...I do not understand why someone did not help...on the outside chance that she needed someone on her side. I'd rather be wrong...than do nothing to help..." another viewer wrote. 

Many viewers pointed out that the incident might have been something much more serious than just a bizarre situation.

"And no one called the police? This girl could be part of human trafficking and he's parading her around as if he knows nobody's going to do anything about it. And that's exactly what the dumb clucks in the store did, nothing! Oh, Let's take a video but let's not do anything to save this girl from human trafficking," one reader commented on the site's Facebook page.

"Store security should have stopped them and ask the girl if she was ok with being led like a dog thru the store. Or did he want to make a point of what it was to be a white slave? Should be sued," another wrote.

"The girl avoids eye contact and doesn't look happy. I think he's parading her around the store to prove no one cares what happens to her and she'll be on the street that same night for this pimp. Nothing more, nothing less. Shame on those people for not calling the police!" another added. 

Sources: Daily Mail  Photo credit: Unsplash via Pexels, Daily Mail