Toy ‘R’ Us Has Made it Back in Time for the Holidays

The recent problems of Toy ‘R’ Us have been well documented. Kids and their parents were thrown into a lot of confusion when it was announced that their favorite ‘Toys and Gifts’ store has filed for bankruptcy last September. The retail outlet which has been in operation since the 1940s has to go down that route due to financial issues. As a matter of fact, they haven’t been able to declare any kind of profit since 2013, so it was important to file for bankruptcy.

As a lot of people were mooting over how to get their children gifts and toys this festive season, an unexpected development came to the fore, Toy ‘R’ would make it back in time for the holidays. It was surprising going by the fact they had to go out of business as recent as September, but it was also very relieving for the various patrons of this retail chain. How then did this happen all of a sudden?

Well, the answer is not far-fetched. The truth is some of the investors have been working round the clock for sometimes now all in a bid to make sure the favorite children’s toy and gift shop is back for the holidays and they seem to have succeeded in doing so. The investors have been able to reach an agreement with Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States to bring back the brand that all kids love for this season and beyond.

Back With A New Name

Although, it would not be coming in the familiar name we are all used to (it is now called Geoffrey Toy Box), we are still glad that it has been able to make it back for Christmas. According to Kroger, the new, Geoffrey Toy Box would be available in about 600 locations in the country where people can visit them and make their purchases. Kids all over America are in high spirits over this news and they are ready to visit whichever Toy Box is close to their locations to get their various toys and gifts. Also, Kroger has announced that every other exclusive brand associated with Toy ‘R’ Us that patrons have grown to like over the years would still be available at the various Toy Box locations.

This is cheering and amazing news for kids and parents alike as the Christmas would not have been complete without the kids getting their toys and gifts from their favorite store. We are all so happy that such trouble is averted.