Symbolic Retaliation: How it Can Get You Even with an Abusive Boss

Abusive bosses are a common thing in our different workplaces. Bosses are supposed to be accommodating, understanding, friendly and an inspiration to the subordinates. However, we have heard of several tales of bosses who are cruel, abusive and make life harder for the people under them. This could be very difficult to take due to the high level of pressure available in the various places of work already and it could ultimately lead to lesser productivity. The last thing anyone needs is an abusive boss to make life more difficult for them, when the job alone is taking its toll on them.

If you are an employee working under an abusive boss and it is making things a little bit difficult for you, we might have a way out for you. It has been said many times that ‘success is the best form of revenge’, but we also understand that ‘revenge could be the best form of revenge’. A recent study has shown that symbolic retaliation and revenge could help you get even with your boss and makes you feel better at work. The truth is, if you think you have a way of getting back to your boss for the shabby ways he/she has been treating you, then it could make you feel better and more productive.

According to a survey carried out recently, it was discovered that folks who engage in symbolic retaliation against their bosses derive a level of satisfaction and justice that they are getting even with their abusive bosses as against those who didn’t engage in it. Some of the ways they engage in these revenges and retaliations include buying of voodoo dolls, effigy, teddy bears, and other symbolic things and naming them after their bosses and customarily maltreat them. The way they carry out the maltreatment varies.

Some folks prefer to stick multiple pins on the symbolic item, while others may put numerous nails on them. Others go as far as burning these dolls and effigy from time to time just to pass out their angers and aggressions. After taking part in these symbolic retaliations, participants in such rituals are said to be much more relieved and develop a strong sense of belief that justice has been served.

These symbolic retaliations seemed weird, but they are truly working and it has helped a lot of people get on with their bosses in spite of their shortcomings. The beautiful thing about them is, they are harmless in the real sense and still work perfectly.