Bigway Foods Banned Christmas Decorations until Remembrance Sunday is Over

November 11, which is otherwise known as ‘Remembrance Sunday’ or ‘Remembrance Day’ is an important holiday in the UK, United States, and all other Commonwealth states. It is usually observed in the second Sunday of November as the time to remember and pay respects to the war veterans who unselfishly gave up their lives to maintain peace and ensure that the generations of today enjoy all the good things they have right now. The living war veterans and the dead are always honored with various celebrations, and it is customary that people put on poppies in their clothes or even in their establishments as a sign of respect.

Things Are Changing

While there have not been many controversies in the past, some people are actually starting to attach not much of relevance to the day. In the past, decorations for the Christmas holidays are usually done after the ‘Remembrance Sunday.’ However, it appears not to be so again in recent years as some folks don’t care about when they can decorate their homes or establishments for the Christmas festival. A lot of people have actually said it is a major sign of disrespect to the war heroes who have given us the chance to be here now.

If not for their bravery and gallantry, we could as well not have anything like Christmas to celebrate as we have it now. The argument is, no one is stopping anyone to decorate their homes and offices for Christmas (in fact we all love to do so), but giving the war heroes the honor of waiting till the Remembrance Sunday and decorating our homes and workplaces with poppies instead isn’t too much of an ask.

Bigway Setting The Pace

While a lot of people and establishments have paid no attention to this, Bigway Foods, a store in Manitoba, Canada have actually set an example by refusing to decorate its shelves for Christmas until the ‘Remembrance Day’ has passed. Instead, their shelves have the inscription ‘Lest We Forget’ written in a white paper and decorated by poppies in what is a clear tribute to the war veterans and heroes. Quizzed by the press on why they have decided to take this bold step, the store’s manager, Ginette Maynard said, 

‘‘We want to respect our veterans. I think it’s very important. I mean some of them gave their lives for us, they went to war for our country and for ourselves you know’’.

A lot of people have come out to praise the store for what they have done. It is exemplary and worthy of emulation by the others. The few days that is demanded to respect them is not too much and should be adhered to.