Woman Engaged To Ghost Preparing To Have Its Baby

Amethyst Realm, just like a lot of women her age, has been searching to find love for a long time. 

There was a time when she thought she had found true love and was ready to settle with him by getting engaged, but after a while, they broke up as it turned out that they were not meant to be with each other.

Realm no doubt has been looking for love in wrong places until she traveled to Australia and met a man that is literally out of this world. 

An apparition fling

"I have always been busy with business, and so I'd not had an apparition fling in a while. Starting a new relationship was actually the last thing on my mind, "she told The Sun. "One day while I was walking through the Bush enjoying God-given nature I noticed a serious force pass through me and what went through my mind was that I had found a new lover."

The woman had since fallen in love with a ghost, and they both are engaged, planning on getting married if possible.

Realm reveals that she had been in a relationship with over 15 ghosts since 2005 and even made a confession of leaving her human boyfriend and dating a ghost. All this she revealed last December on the British tv show This morning. Realm doesn’t mind tying the knot with this non-existent but literal being.

While she was being addressed, she made a further claim that the ghost lover talked to her for the first time when he made a proposal to her. She further claims that while he was proposing, "there was no going down on one knee, as he doesn't have a  knee," but to her, his voice was the best that she had ever heard.

In her most recent interview with This morning, she claims she doesn’t have a ring yet as her fiancé is very picky.

Just like every normal couple, Realm and her new lover have been so intimate with each other that even when they were returning from Australia to the U.K, they consummated their relationship as couples. The major difference between her relationship and yours is that it is not possible to see the person she is engaged to. She explains that hers is not like that of an earthbound relationship, but it just involves expressions of emotion and feeling connection. 

Her close friend came up with the name “ray” after seeing the both of them take a picture and the ghost standing beside her literally like a ray of light.

Amethyst Realm goes further to say that she doesn’t mind starting a family with her new found love even though she is certain they won’t be able to give birth to a physical baby.

 A lot of people have been questioning her relationship, but she claims that it is just like every other relationship, as she still insists that "it is not a dream."