Britney Spears Posts Controversial Pic, Viewers Appalled By 4 Words On Her Shirt

Britney Spears sparked controversy for a photo she tweeted of herself wearing a shirt in support of the Dream Act.

In the photo, Spears can be seen standing in her home with a black t-shirt on, pointing to the middle of the shirt that read, "We Are All Dreamers." In a caption, Spears urged others to "tell Congress to pass the Dream Act."

In response to the politically divisive post, many fans expressed disappointment with her stance on Dreamers -- a term given to children of undocumented immigrants.

"I’m one of your biggest fans, but this is disappointing to see. Just because a child is involved in a crime doesn’t mean the crime should be excused. Lax border control is detrimental. Tell congress to follow existing laws! I really hope you’re just doing this for t-shirt sales," one fan tweeted in response, BizPac Review reported.

"Oh excellent I was waiting for Britney Spears to chime in on immigration policy before I could form an opinion of my own," another wrote sarcastically.

"Britney: Americans have dreams too, like Kate Steinle. Like Sandra Duran, Hispanic-American young mother killed in Los Angeles by a 5-times deported illegal alien," another added.

Some readers criticized Spears as uninformed on the issue and for comparing her own dream of stardom to the Dream Act, which many feel protects children who are not technically legal citizens of the United States due to their parents' undocumented status.

"Only the stupid woman would even possibly compare having a dream to be a music singer to being a dreamer and it illegal alien and illegal felon entering the United States illegally getting a free pass while taking food stamps and Welfare and child care Medicare all that stuff while not paying any taxes Suburban household maybe you were an illegal alien on welfare and food stamps and government assistance and maybe your parents didn't pay any taxes maybe you were a dreamer maybe you just need to wake the h**l up," one American Patriot reader commented.

"Ok Britney! How about you house, clothe, feed and insure them?" another wrote.

"Put up or shut up dingbat. Take one or two in and pay for them until they're adults," another added. "Go ahead, I dare you!"

Others called out Spears for getting involved with politics rather than sticking to music.

"Alice Cooper once said mixing politics with rock music is the worst idea. I agree. Dreamers are people with big ambitions, not illegal residents of a country," one Billboard reader commented.

Some defended Spears' right to speak her mind on issues regardless of her career.

"This is not mixing music and politics. Mixing would be if Britney Spears made a song about the Dreamers Act. She is simply stating her political beliefs, which all celebrities (even Alice Cooper) do have," another Billboard reader responded.