'Married At First Sight' Stars Spotted Kissing In Park (Photos)

Two contestants who have appeared on "Married At First Sight" were spotted getting intimate together in public -- but not with the people they were matched with on the show.

According to the Daily Mail, Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege were spotted engaging in public displays of affection during a romantic picnic. One source noted that the pair "clearly didn't care who saw them."

Bowyer and Delmege may have found a connection with each other, but on the show, they were each married to different people.

Delmege, 35, married Ashley Irvin on "Married At First Sight," while Bowyer, 32, married millionaire Justin Fischer.

The pair rolled around in the grass, kissing while Delmege put his hands on Bowyer's rear end and breasts.

During the encounter, Delmege's wedding band was still visible.

"They couldn't keep their hands off each other and clearly didn't care who saw them," one witness said. "They had bags from the supermarket and were enjoying a romantic picnic before Carly climbed on top of Troy. There was lots of groping and kissing, it was full on."

A spokesman for "Married At First Sight" said that Delmege chose to remain "married" to Irvin for another week after the couple had agreed that their connection was changing.

The spokesman added that Bowyer and her "husband" decided to stay together to try to "make it work," while also acknowledging that their relationship lacked intimacy. According to, Justin has refused to be intimate with Carly on the show.

Readers of the Daily Mail shared their thoughts on the story.

"The show's becoming a joke," one reader commented. "The experiment is a failure. The success rate is poor. The expert's match-ups are way off the mark with a lot of the couples. The experts give relationship advice in their private practice (this is not a good advertisement if your seeking help). Next season (if the shows not scrapped) draw names from a hat and 'let them at it.' Let them work it out for themselves, you'd probably get a similar outcome."

"I think they are probably a couple in real life and are plants on the show," another user added. "Even his hairstyle is different to how he wears it on the show. Actors playing a part, both of them."

"The only thing real about this show is the start time, half are genuine, the other half are there at the beck and call of producers to play a role for them when required to ensure a ratings success," another reader commented.

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