Neil Patrick Harris Pranks Judges Of 'The Voice' (Video)

Actor Neil Patrick Harris shocked the judges of "The Voice" when he went undercover for a blind audition (video below).

On an episode of his show "Best Time Ever," Harris decided to pull a prank on the judges of "The Voice." His plan was to go undercover as a strange character and audition to see how they would react.

"I was Jurgen Vulmer, who was the host of The Voice Austria, which doesn't exist," Harris told ET, adding that while in disguise, he asked the judges a series of strange questions. "I had almost three hours of prosthetic makeup on. I looked nothing like myself, and had a different accent."

He added, "It was incredibly terrifying. They thought I was insane."

On "The Voice," singers audition while the judges have their backs turned as a way for judges to focus on their voices as opposed to their appearances. Harris used this as a way to throw the judges off before surprising them with his disguise during the fake interview.

After Harris reveals his true identity, the expressions of the judges tells the whole story.

Harris discussed his show, "Best Time Ever," with ET, explaining that he hopes the show will alter people's viewing habits at a time when you no longer have to be at home to watch your favorite show at a certain time.

"What's fun about our show is if you commit to watching a show, you're a part of the group," he said. "If you're in the theater, you might be in the show. If you're watching at home, you may be on the show."

Harris also discussed his job as host of a number of award shows, including the Oscars, Emmys, and Tony Awards.

"This job is multi-leveled," he explained. "You have to entertain. You have to honor. And now you sort of have to educate. To do all of that in the short little time frame that you have between acceptance speeches is a tricky conceit."

On "Best Time Ever," Harris has pulled a number of pranks on or with other celebrities. One recurring segment on the show is the "Voices in Your Head" segment, in which Harris feeds celebrities what to say through an earpiece.

According to People, in one "Voices in Your Head" segment with "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Harris and Ferguson prank a contractor while Ferguson poses as a homeowner looking to renovate his house. The segment takes a hysterical turn when Ferguson asks the contractor to do his best impressions and the contractor plays along, delivering an impersonation of actor Jack Nicholson.

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