Clip Of 'Cheating' Wife Goes Viral For Wrong Reason (Video)

A wife was caught on camera "cheating" on her husband with a plumber, but some were quick to point out that the now-viral video (below) might very well have been faked.

In the clip, the wife can be seen wearing a short skirt and bending over suggestively while a plumber is right underneath her. At first, it appears that the woman is innocently minding her business above the plumber while he worked below her, underneath the kitchen sink. Soon, however, it appears as though the woman starts to purposely give the plumber an inappropriate view.

After the clip went viral, Mad World News was quick to point out that the video was likely staged -- as the video's uploader gave the clip a false title to suggest that the husband caught his wife being openly flirty with the plumber.

Several YouTube viewers also questioned the authenticity of the clip.

"So fake!!! why was the camera even [positioned at] that angle," one viewer questioned.

"This was as fake as it gets," another added.

Despite the video being seemingly fake, instances of women cheating on their husbands are often all too real. A recent HuffPost piece profiled several women who explained why it is that they decided to cheat on their spouses.

Sara Crnell said, "I truly believe that most people who have affairs, or even zipless sex, are doing so because they are seeking something that is fundamentally lacking in their relationship. As for me, cheating on my spouse wasn’t a specific, conscious, considered act. I didn’t wake up one day and think, ‘Hey, I think I’d like to have an affair.’ It just happened -- which is probably very hard to comprehend if you haven’t actually been in the situation."

"A professional relationship became a friendship, became a flirtation, became an infatuation, became an affair, became a demise," Cornell told the site in the 2015 interview.

"It’s much like drinking a great bottle of wine with dinner. You don’t set out to get drunk but the taste, combined with the other flavors on the plate, the sounds and smells of the room, the soothing, warm feeling of relaxing into the entire sensory environment, allows you to take a sip, then another, then another, then refill your glass, and then at some point you look around and realize that you have a buzz, but your senses are so ripe that you keep sipping, even though you know you should stop because you’re going to get drunk and be hungover the next day."

Sources: Mad World News, HuffPost / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Screenshot via Anonymous/YouTube