Teen Makes Shocking Discovery While Metal Detecting (Photos)

A teenage boy was using his metal detector when he made a shocking discovery.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a 14-year-old boy was using his metal detector to hunt for scrap metal when he stumbled upon four shotguns, a semi-automatic rifle, and "thousands of bullets" wrapped in black garbage bags.

Police said that the weapons are being tested to determine if they had been used in a previous shooting.

The teen's father said that his son found the guns with about "15,000 bullets," while out hunting for metal one afternoon.

"There were thousands and thousands of bullets," the teen's father, who asked to remain unidentified out of fear of retaliation, told the Manchester Evening News. "My son phoned me up and said he'd found some bullets. I thought he meant old lead bullets that you can get some scrap money for."

The father continued, "When I went to pick him up I couldn't believe what was in the bags. At first I thought they were sledge hammers or baseball bats. I took it all home, then I saw the guns. I started panicking and just called the police. It was pretty scary. My son helped take those guns off the street so a gang didn't get hold of them."

The discovery was made in Crumpsall, a suburb in Greater Manchester, England.

Police quickly arrived at the scene after receiving a call from the teen's father. The weapons and ammunition were seized and an investigation was launched.

"At this stage of our investigation, we cannot say where these guns have come from or their intended purpose," said Det. Inspector Chris Flint with the Greater Manchester Police. "They have been recovered for forensic analysis and the results will play a key part in our investigation."

Flint added, "It is important to stress that from our initial inquiries we've established the guns have been there some time and cannot be used or reactivated. I therefore want to reassure people living and working in this community that there is no threat or risk to anyone from these weapons."

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on the Manchester Evening News Facebook page.

"Good on you kid, you did right by handing it all in!" one reader commented. "Don't suppose you'll get a reward for finding the things but VERY well done to you!"

"Amazes me people can be scared and horrified of inanimate firearms and ammo buried in the ground," another user wrote. "A product of a successful fear campaign about guns by Hollywood and government. It's a phobia. I've got a lot more than 15000 rds and I have no plans of readying for some combat action. Ammo is cheaper when you buy in bulk. It's just the cost effective thing to do."

"Least they are found an off the streets!" another reader added.

Sources: Manchester Evening NewsManchester Evening News/Facebook / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Manchester Evening News