Houston Man Protects Local Businesses From Looters (Video)

A Houston resident was captured on camera shouting at looters who used Hurricane Harvey as a way to steal from local businesses (video below).

A man in Houston was filmed as he protected his neighborhood's local businesses from looters, shotgun in hand, reports the New York Post. He can be heard in the clip warning would-be looters that he is not afraid to "cut your a*s in half."

"Hey, don't you go back in that store!' He shouts at one looter. "I'm telling you one time. I'm not scared to shoot ya."

The video was recorded by a woman who was sitting in a car nearby. She filmed as the man, who claims to be a former SWAT officer, shouted at a group of looters, causing them to scatter. The video quickly went viral after being posted.

"[I'm] protecting the community where I live," the man said. "I grew up in this area, I'm a former law enforcement officer, so I understand what the law says. If you're looting, you're stealing. It's a violation of Texas law and federal law in the time of a catastrophe ... Constitution says you've got the right to bear arms."

The woman filming was supportive of the ex-officer's efforts.

"They looting the stores and this man out here is trying to literally protect the community," she said.

The man spoke to the woman filming, telling her their community needs someone to help the helpless while emergency responders focus on rescuing flood victims.

"Its a shame," he said. "We need more real men out to step up and protect where you live. This storm is temporary ... It don’t make no sense that these guys out here, too lazy to get a damn job, the energy they using to rob -- they need to use that energy to rescue people."

File:Harvey flooding (36527844190).jpg

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo issued a warning to looters on Aug. 29.

"This is the state of Texas, and we're a welcoming city, but we're not going to tolerate people victimizing, especially committing armed robberies in our city," Acevedo said during a press conference.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the video on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"This is a role model citizen," one user wrote. "They are obviously looting, stealing, when people are fighting for their lives. Individual citizens need to protect themselves. This man is not doing anything dishonest or vile."

"SAD.....people have lost all respect of others," another viewer commented. "All about the mighty dollar..Good for this man to stand up to these thugs..."